OKNECA partners with OSAE for Newspapers in Education

Oklahoma NECA, in collaboration with the Oklahoma Society of Association Executives (OSAE) and The OKLAHOMAN’s Newspapers in Education program have released a career tutorial being distributed to over 700 teachers throughout 450 schools across the state.

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Going Green

In conjunction with the National Electrical Contractors Association, OKNECA supports a multi-faceted approach to making the United States energy independent and commits its active participation in helping implement an energy policy premised on independence. Our association’s efforts include working within the legislative and regulatory arenas and with other relevant entities to help improve electric reliability and infrastructure investment . . .

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Working to Code: Safely & Economically

OKNECA members meet the electrical needs of clients and community by providing the professional expertise customers expect and deserve and have made a pledge to act in accordance with standards that go above and beyond current regulations.

Preview - Working to Code: Safely & Economically


The Connection to a Brighter Future.

Think Advocacy.

OKNECA is the voice of the electrical contracting industry at the Oklahoma Legislature – working to promote higher standards, quality workmanship and training for a skilled electrician work force. Because we are responsible for the lighting, power and communication systems in buildings and communities across the state of Oklahoma, OKNECA has a presence at the State Capitol every day during the legislative session watching and analyzing every piece of legislation filed to determine the potential impact on the electrical construction industry.

Think Safety.

Public safety is the primary concern for OKNECA members. We strive to ensure Oklahoma citizens receive the greatest benefit from our efforts, as they can be assured of safe, reliable, and quality electrical installations when they hire a NECA contractor. When you hire an OKNECA member, your service will exceed the minimum standards required by law.

Think Labor Relations.

OKNECA values highly the long record of constructive and responsible labor relations practiced by its members. OKNECA's basic policy is that every effort should be made by all parties concerned - the national association, its chapters, its members, supervisory personnel, the IBEW, and local unions - to improve labor management relations. The goal is to provide the maximum possible productivity per man-hour of labor to meet competition and to promote consumer use of the trained and skilled electrical craftsmen employed by qualified electrical contractors.

Think Education.

OKNECA management education programs meet the needs of electrical contractors who want to remain profitable in a most competitive business. They are based on solid research and delivered professionally in the most cost-effective manner.