Think Education.

Only the most productive and capably managed firms consistently remain profitable through the ups and downs of the erratic construction market. Much of the successful performance of OKNECA contractors is due to the professional management training provided by OKNECA.



Elements of Electrical Contracting Management

This program provides people headed toward top-level management positions in the electrical contracting industry an introduction to the breadth and depth of their profession. To this end, the program endeavors to provide:

  • An understanding of how activities in which they are currently involved or will be in the future play an integral part in the total process of electrical contracting
  • A comprehension of the complexity and the challenge of the profession of being an electrical contractor
  • A vision of where the participant will be in 10 to 20 years

Estimating and Advanced Estimating Electrical Construction Programs

These provide intensive classroom instruction in the fundamentals of electrical construction estimating for those with little or no experience. The primary focus is to train the estimator how to handle every typical situation between the beginning and end of the estimating process.

Tool and Equipment Rental Schedule

This schedule is a guide for the costs by hour, day, week, and month incurred of the use of tools and equipment in electrical contracting. Designed for use in estimating and job accounting.

Manual of Labor Units

This manual provides the most reliable labor units available for OKNECA members to estimate labor costs accurately.

Financial Performance Report

A statistical view of the electrical contracting industry that enables NECA members to compare the financial performance of their own firms with that of their competitors.

Management Education

These programs have been a pioneer in giving OKNECA members the information and guidance on the most modern computer applications for maximum profitability.

Guide to Electrical Contractors Claims Management

A handy guide that provides the necessary steps to prepare and conduct clams negotiation, arbitration, and litigation.

Executive Leaders Conference

A nationally coordinated retreat oriented conference especially organized to benefit OKNECA members who seek answers to critical current top management issues. It is the most cost-effective way to benefit from some of the most highly positioned experts in management development. Members who participate regularly come back year after year to renew their acquaintances with other managers and to refuel themselves for the competitive tasks ahead.