Think Labor Relations.

OKNECA values highly the long record of constructive and responsible labor relations practiced by the national association, its chapters, and its members. In order to implement this basic policy OKNECA endorses, and seeks to develop on the local and national level, programs and procedures of rational and peaceful approaches to the settlement of disputes and the avoidance of strikes, work stoppages, and jurisdictional disputes.

OKNECA, in conjunction with the national association, has joined with the IBEW to develop the National Labor-Management Cooperation Committee (NLMCC) with the goal of improving the relationship between signatory employers and the IBEW at all levels and exploring ways to work together to become more competitive, to implement programs that increase employment opportunities, and to promote the value of union electrical work. OKNECA develops programs for improving safety, training apprentices and journeymen, employment and benefit programs, and other programs for the benefit of the industry and the general public.


OKNECA plays an active role on the Construction Industries Coalition. This Coalition presents a unified front among other members of the construction industry. Click here for a list of members.

The Quality Connection

The Quality Connection is a joint publication of the OKNECA and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 1141, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. To find our more information about the Quality Connection partnership, click here.

Labor Agreement Summaries

Local Union Number 444 – Effective Dates: 9/01/2008 to Aug. 31 2010
Local Union Number 584 – Effective Dates: 5/28/2008 to 5/31/2010
Local Union Number 584 – Effective Dates: 6/01/2009 to May 2011
Local Union Number 1141 – Effective Dates: 6/01/2007 to May 2010
Local Union Number 1141 – Effective Dates: 6/01/2009 to May 2011