Think Safety.

Through example, members of OKNECA prove their commitment to the public everyday by complying with the highest standards set by the electrical contracting industry. They are dedicated to ensuring a safe working environment for employees, which minimizes expenses from injuries and fatalities and lowers workers’ compensation claims. In fact, OKNECA members have been instrumental in the development of the safety standards found in the National Electrical Code.


Technical and Training Services

Technical and Training Services fill members’ educational and informational needs in areas such as estimating, electrical installation, job management practices, and business management. However, one primary function of this service is to develop the National Electrical Safety Code.

Through Technical and Training Services, OKNECA maintains its membership in the National Safety Council, a liaison relationship with the Federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration, provides testimony and comment on the development of OSHA Safety and Health standards as well as on the administration of OSHA law, and generally informs NECA members of developments and safety practices in the industry.

Chapter Video Library

  • Fall Arrest Systems (15 minutes) – NEW
  • Fall Prevention (19 minutes) – NEW
  • General Electrical Principles (18 minutes) – NEW
  • Personal Protective Equipment (19 minutes) – NEW
  • Qualified Electrical Safety (20 minutes) – NEW
  • Accident Investigation – Just the Facts
  • Blood borne Pathogens (10:58 minutes)
  • Chemical Safety (5:15 minutes)
  • Compressed & Liquefied Gases (9:21 minutes)
  • Compressed Gas Safety (4:53 minutes)
  • Confined Space Safety – NECA 1994
  • Confined Space Safety – INTEC 1997 (13:00 minutes)
  • Construction Equipment Maintenance (5:00 minutes)
  • Electrical Safety 2 (9:41 minutes)
  • Fire Extinguisher Operation (5:48 minutes)
  • Fire Protection
  • Job Site Safety Inspection (16:50 minutes)
  • Ladder Safety (5:58 minutes)
  • Lead Safety OSHA Standards (24:57 minutes)
  • Lock Energy To Zero (Lock Out-Tag Out)
  • Powder Actuated Tool Safety (4:33 minutes)
  • Safety Belt for Vehicle Safety (6:00 minutes)
  • Scaffold Institute #1
  • Scaffold Institute #2
  • Substance Abuse In The Workplace (10:50 minutes)
  • Working Safely with Temporary Electricity
  • Traffic Control (5:35 minutes)
  • Warning Signs (4:00 minutes)
  • Working Around Construction Equipment Maintenance (5:05 minutes)
  • Working Around High Voltage (6:00 minutes)
  • Working Safely Around Explosives (7:55 minutes)
  • Working Safely On Scaffolds (5:35 minutes)
  • Working Safely With Crane Rigging (5:03 minutes)

These videos are available to all members. Please contact the Chapter Office if you wish to utilize them.